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Author Topic: OCD Armory : Preparing the right tools for the task  (Read 46137 times)


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Re: OCD Armory : Preparing the right tools for the task
« Reply #30 on: September 22, 2017, 07:49:39 PM »
EPG Space Sorcery
a science build without destroying your bank account. Well, almost.

Disclaimer: This is a build that I have personally built and used in PvP for the last 2 months of returning to the game. No, pvp is not dead. Yes, I am retiring this build. Why? I'm moving on to play a more serious support role - what I actually enjoy doing. (Ask around some of the old timers like Lee and Connor, they know I've always been a support dude). Naturally it had to be plasma related, because I love plasma. And it is offensively tuned because I needed to farm and get my reps too.

This ship build is on an Eternal Class because I'm assuming a majority of people here would be federation side. It can be easily transferred into a RomFed or KDF build with just minor adjustments. I have done this and flown it in a Laeosa Warbird to similar effect - And I actually prefer it because Warbird.

So, I'll use the older format we have in these threads. Here it is.

Mission Type : PvP / Competition Queues
Ship Type : Federation Science Vessel - MMSV Eternal Class
Registry : R.R.W. Wartortle
Ship Captain : Bren@babyfacez (the only active OCM)
Captain Class : Science (Romulan-Federation)
Specialization : Temporal (Pri) + Pilot (Sec)


Tac Team 1/ Torp Spread 2/ AP:Omega 1
Causal Reversion 1/ Chronometric Inversion Field 1
EptE 1/ Structural Integrity Collapse 2/ Eject Warp Plasma 1
Tractor Beam 1/ Subspace Vortex 2/ Tractor Beam Repulsors 2/ Grav Well 3
Hazard Emitters 1

*** If you are not comfortable without a Sci Team, remove Tractor Beam 1.


2x VR Projectile Cooldown
1x VR Torpedo Placate
1x VR Graga Mal
1x VR Warp Plasma Immobilization
1x ?? - I do not have this slot

Personal Traits:
Particle Manipulator, Elusive, Accurate, whatever else you fancy.

Starship Traits :
All Hands On Deck, Checkmate, Particle Feedback Loop, Tactical Retreat, ?? - I do not have this slot

Reputation Traits:
Offensive AUX, chrono something something Cooldown, 3 second phased immunity something something, Advanced Targetting System, ?? - I do not own this slot

Fore Loadout:
PEP Torpedo/ Gravimetric Torpedo/ Neutronic Torpedo
Aft Loadout :
Nukara Mine/ Advanced Thoron Infused Beam/ Chronometric Omni
Counter Command Deflector
Secondary Deflector:
Deteriorating EPG
Prevailing Bolstered Impulse Engines
Prevailing Fortified Resilient Shields
Temporal Phase Overcharged Warp Core
Exotic Particle Flood, Engine Battery,  Shield Battery
Causal Anchor, Delphic Tear Generator, Constriction Anchor
5x Embassy Plasma-generating EPG (10%+ Plasma based exotic damage. EACH.)
Bio-neural Gel Pack, Chronometric Capacitor, Auxiliary Ejection Assembly
Advanced Epoch Fighters    ----> Danube Tractors might be better, but my RomFed doesn't have

Flight Setting:
ALWAYS on Support mode. Molecular deconstruction beam is weird though.

What this ship does:
Massive plasma boost and EPG harassment. People often forget how scary direct-to-hull plasma damage is when you stack embassy consoles like crazy. It can support a group on an offensive run, or it can also function as a lone wolf if required.

How it typically flies:
1. Sensor Analysis primary target. Fighters set to Attack. Chronometric Inversion Field GO. This will immediately proc the 350% Engines speed boost to help close in or chase down the target. TIP: If you know the target requires a bit more Ctrl to deal with, activate science fleet.

2. Load up Target engines subsystem and fire using the Omni. Most likely there will be a hot restart but this should make it proc prematurely. IF they are dead in the water, Tractor Beam and begin #3. If NOT, then initiate Eject Warp Plasma + use Tractor Beam Repulsors to PULL the primary target and everything nearby into the plasma trail and thus immobilizing them or slowing them down significantly. Hotkey and fire off Nukara Mines to further snare target. Pets will also likely use tractor beam to hold.

3. USUALLY target has already taken a decent chunk of damage. Add insult to injury by applying Sensor Scan > Structural Integrity Collapse > Subspace Vortex > Gravity Well > Torpedo Spread Gravimetric Torpedo > Manual fire Neutronic or PEPT.

4. Target by now should be receiving assistance from teammates in Hazard Emitters bla bla bla
 or trying to escape with Polarize/AP:O/Teleports. IF he isn't already dead.

5. Aim and fire off : Subnucleonic Beam (because screw buffs/trait procs) > Constriction Anchor > Isokinetic Cannon > Delphic Tear > Temporal Tier 5 clicky > Nukara Tier 5 clicky> Fire whatever torp or ability you have that is not on CD. You can also use the Core's clicky to force your skills to cooldown faster to repeat point #3.

6. If target dies, Sweet. It usually does. But if it doesn't, back off and await cooldowns. Do not over commit. Rock-and-roll on out of there and Evasive Maneuvers as fast as possible because by now you'd have attracted the aggro of his teammates. The Prevailing shields and 2 piece bonus should AT LEAST help to get you out of there in one piece.

Defensive procedure:
WTHNOSCITEAMREKT. No but seriously, Evasive Maneuvers out of there. Rock and Roll. Tactical Retreat. Continuity. Causal Reversion. Tactical Team. Aux Ejection. Placate from shields. You'll be fine. Most of the time. And if you die? Big deal. Move on.

1. Why Gravity Well? It sucks in pvp. It can't hold!
Answer: Dude. EWP. You still have Tractor Beams, Nukara Mines, Graga Mal and all that extra help to keep your target sufficiently still. ALSO, it is useful as a long range cloak disabler. Usually when I suspect somebody is going to cloak I fire a GW down range. It won't do much damage or pull but it will mess with cloaking.

2. Why Plasma? Plasma sucks. Everything resists it.
Answer: Your hull still takes a beating from it. And it is a nice way to waste Hazard clearing skills or procs.

3. PvP Sucks. You suck. Why post a build anyway?
Answer: I got nothing.


I hope this simple build will help someone, or at the very least make for interesting reading when you are doing business in the washroom.

In ending, this build while designed for PvP can also function decently in PvE. It is not however a high end DPS build. It is designed to be more friendly to those trying to get back into things. A maximized version would use slightly different and expensive consoles. Please keep that in mind. PvE DPS does not transition well into PvP settings, and PvP killing effectiveness also does not mean high DPS in PvE.

Have fun kill bad guys, and as squirtle says, Deal With It!
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Lemme shoot you in spehs please.


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